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Caicloud Overview

Caicloud aims to lead a new generation of intelligent cloud computing platform and AI services based on container technology and artificial intelligence. The company's main products include containerized cluster intelligent cloud platform called "Caicloud Compass" and the ML cloud platform that mounts on top of the containerized platform, known as "Caicloud Clever".

Caicloud Compass and Caicloud Clever have been deployed in many 500 China Fortune companies and got mature solutions in E-Commerce, Finance, Carriers, Education and other industries. The core founding team are originated from Google, Amazon, Carnegie Mellon University. The company's headquarter is located in Hangzhou China and have branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen. In Dec 2019, Caicloud announced the completion of B+ round led by Vocanics Venture. Caicloud’s previous investors including Matrix Partner China and China Growth Capital (CGCVC) also participated in this round.

In line with Google's vision of GIFEE (Google's Infrastructure for Everyone Else), Caicloud's core belief is to help transform the "computing power" of the cloud platform and massive data into valuable business insights through large-scale distributed machine learning PaaS platform and deep learning solutions.

Company Introduction


Xin Zhang, Founder & CEO

Xin was a Googler for almost 4 years working on Cluster Management and Google Cloud Platform, with close relationship to Borg and the early Kubernetes. Xin obtained his Ph.D in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, during which he has published 30 research articles in top-notch venues and delivered about 10 academic speeches at international conferences around the globe to over thousands of audience. His research has been published by Economist, British BBC, Swiss RTS TV and other international media reports.

During his years in Google, he worked as the TL in Google container cluster management team, which automatically manages more than 95% of Google's data center servers. In 2015, Xin participated in the product design and development of Google's public cloud. The graphical one-click deployment, application store, application deployment manager and other products were widely used by users.

After founding Caicloud, Xin has been awarded multiple excellence awards including "Specially Appointed Experts" in Hangzhou, "Specially Appointed Experts" in Zhejiang Provincial "Thousand Talents Program", "2017 Annual Growth Award".

Deyuan Deng, CTO

Deyuan is currently CTO and co-founder of Caicloud. He leads the in-house Kubernetes research and development and has successfully launched Kubernetes-based toolings and platform in tens of Chinese enterprises in production. Deyuan has given talks in Kubernetes meetups across multiple cities in China. He also presented in KubeCon, infoQ and CSDN to promote enterprise Kubernetes use cases to contribute to Kubernetes ecosystem.

Before co-founding Caicloud, Deyuan was a Googler for about two years working on cluster management system. He was also one of the early members in Kubernetes. Deyuan obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering in Carnegie Mellon University. He is a technology enthusiast - he has participated in international robotics contest (RoboCon), in which he claimed the Grand Prix and published papers based on his innovation.

Jiayao Han, COO

Jiayao (Julia) Han is co-founder and COO at Caicloud that provides Kubernetes based toolings and Kubernetes + ML platform for enterprises in production in China since 2015. As the very initial evangelist of Kubernetes in China, she has served as CNCF global ambassador and organized dozens of Kubernetes meetups in various cities in China with over 200000 online and offline attendees.

Since mid 2017, Julia leads the Kubernetes i18n project - the Chinese translation project for Kubernetes official website. She also founded and organized the China Kubernetes End User Conference (2017 KEUC) as well as China Cloud Native End User Conference (2018 CEUC) with thousands of attendees and tens of enterprise end users. Julia served the KubeCon committee in both KubeCon 2018 Shanghai and KubeCon 2018 North America. Julia obtained her Master degree in Information Science and Ph.D degree in Art History from University of Pittsburgh.

Pengcheng Tang, Chief Architect

Pengcheng Tang co-founded Caicloud and worked as Chief Architect since 2015. Before cofounding Caicloud, Pengcheng was a core member of Amazon Kindle Platform Team (Fireos Framework Core Team), responsible for Kindle system containerization, internal tool development and maintenance.

He was deeply involved in the containerization process of kindle platform inside AWS, utilizing AWS EC2 instance to greatly reduce the complexity of system to achieve full automation of platform upgrade progress. Pengcheng obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering in Carnegie Mellon University.


Kubernetes Certified Service Provider


CNCF Member


Kubernetes Training Partner


Cloud Native Ambassador


Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program


The Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner

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