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Caicloud Events


Caicloud Events

• Completion of B+ round

In Dec 2019, Caicloud announced the completion of B+ round led by Vocanics Venture with participation of previous investors including Matrix Partner China and China Growth Capital (CGCVC).


Caicloud Events

• 2018.11 2018 KubeCon China Caicloud sponsored and participated in KubeCon Shanghai

Caicloud COO Dr.Julia Han and CEO Dr.Xin Zhang were invited to give a Keynote talk "A Tale of Using Kubeflow to Make the Electricity Smarter in China".

• 2018.11 Meeting with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visited China and met with Xin Zhang, CEO of Caicloud. Satya and Xin discussed further cooperation between Microsoft Azure and Caicloud to fuel offline to online cases in digital transformation.

• 2018.9 Caicloud hosted China Cloud Native End User Conference successfully

Caicloud hosted the 2018 China Cloud Native End User Conference (2018 CEUC) with over 1000 experts, end user representatives and developers.

• 2018.7 Caicloud was invited to participate in Microsoft Inspire 2018, enabling enterprises to realize cloud-based intelligent digital transformation

Caicloud was invited to participate in Microsoft Inspire 2018 and discussed how to enable enterprises to achieve cloud-based intelligent digital transformation with vendors around the world.

Caicloud Events

• 2018.5 Caicloud presented in LC3 conference a user case to show how open source helps digital transformation

Caicloud presented in LC3 and delivered two talks, "Building Extensible Application Orchestration System with Helm" and "Kubernetes for Edge Computing across Inter-Continental Haier Production Sites".

• 2018.5 Caicloud's talk at Microsoft Build Conference

Caicloud was invited to present user case at Microsoft Build Conference.

• 2018.5 Presented in Copenhagen KubeCon a user case in Finance industry

Caicloud CEO Dr.Xin Zhang & CTO Deyuan Deng were invited to attend KubeCon in Copenhagen and deliver a speech "Kubernetes on Supporting $8 Trillion Card Payments in China".

• 2018.2 Branch office opened in Beijing and Shanghai

• 2018.1 Caicloud Closed Series B1 Round

Caicloud closed B1 round of funding, led by China Growth Capital (CGCVC).


Caicloud Events

• 2017.11 Caicloud Compass passed the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program

Caicloud Compass became one of the first 32 cloud computing and platform providers globally to pass the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.

• 2017.10 Caicloud held the first Kubernetes China End User Conference

Caicloud and CNCF jointly held the first Kubernetes End User Conference in China (KEUC) with nearly 1,000 attendees.

• 2017.10 Among the very early vendors certified with KCSP

Caicloud became one of the very early vendors with KCSP (Kubernetes Certified Service Provider)

• 2017.09 TheNewStack Reward

TheNewStack listed Caicloud in Kubernetes Ecology "Value Added Service Vendor" among Chinese Enterprises.

Caicloud is Exclusively Listed on Global Kubernetes Ecology research report the only "Value Added Services Release" among Chinese Enterprises.

• 2017.03 Caicloud Series A funding

Caicloud Series A funding (led by Matrix Partner China) .

• 2017.03 Caicloud's submission and talk in KubeCon Berlin

Caicloud's submission "Building a TensorFlow Cluster Supporting GPUs via Kubernetes" was accepted and presented in Berlin KubeCon 2017.


Caicloud Events

2016.12 Caicloud CEO Xin Zhang was invited to give a speech on KubeCon Seattle

Dr.Zhang Xin’s submission was accepted by KubeCon Seattle - "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Managing Production Systems with Kubernetes in Chinese Enterprises".

• 2016.08 The official partner of CNCF / Linux Foundation

Caicloud became the official partner of CNCF / Linux Foundation.

• 2016.06 Julia Han selected as the first official ambassador of CNCF in China

Caicloud COO Han Jiayao served as CNCF China's first official ambassador.

• 2015.7 Caicloud founded