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Service Plan

Container Cloud Consulting Service
Container Cloud Architecture Design Service
Container Cloud Implementation Service


Help enterprises analyze and understand the pain points of enterprise IT environment and deeply analyze the business value that container cloud can generate.

Identify architecture and business flows, derive initial plans and actionable plans that accommodate your business goals.


• Data center architecture diagnosis

• Container cloud characteristics and situation analysis

• Consulting on microservices

• Development testing process diagnosis

• CI/CD optimization

• Automated operation and maintenance process diagnosis


Provide tailored plans and solutions based on a thorough scrutinization of business flow.

Derive a comprehensive solution based on container cloud strategy to further achieve business goal.


• Data center architecture design

• Microservices application design

• Dev-testing cloud design

• CI/CD process improvement and design

• Automated operation and maintenance system design

• Container cloud solution design


Consulting and problem solving during the period of on-premise cloud containerization implementation and service.

Training and technical support to augment enterprises’ capability to build production-level cloud.


• Development and testing optimization

• Operation and maintenance optimization

• Container Cloud Training

• Cloud platform performance optimization

• Advanced technical support

• Project implementation management service

Advantages of Choosing Caicloud

CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) official partner

Caicloud contributes to the official Kubernetes project, ranking among top 20 globally with its own open-sourced CI/CD tool

Key partner of Cyclone Cargo project

Officially authorized organizer of Certified Kubernetes Admin (CKA) training in mainland China

Organized 16 Kubernetes Meetups in China

Leads K8sMeetup China Community

Multiple talks at KubeCon

Multiple Keynote talks in LinuxCon China



Xin Zhang

CMU Doctor

Xin Zhang

Xin was a Googler for almost 4 years working on Cluster Management and Google Cloud Platform, with close relationship to Borg and the early Kubernetes. Xin obtained his Ph.D in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, during which he has published 30 research articles in top-notch venues and delivered about 10 academic speeches at international conferences around the globe to over thousands of audience.


Deyuan Deng

CMU Master

Deyuan Deng

Deyuan was a core member of Google Cluster Orchestration team and a core member of Google Open Source Project: Kubernetes, once ranked among top 10 contributors.


Pengcheng Tang

CMU Master

Pengcheng Tang

Former core member of Amazon Kindle Android platform, responsible for Kindle system maintenance and upgrades and internal tool development. He had participated in the development of internal tools based on container technology.


Ning Du

Caicloud Expert

Ning Du

With 18 years of IT, CT, DT industry experiences, Ning Du has served technical management positions in a number of global companies. He is a cloud computing expert who has received international certifications in the field of IaaS and PaaS with quite experienced knowledge of deep learning and big data solutions. He has had years of training experiences in open source and container field in China.

Delivery Process

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Project Establishment
Investigation and Analysis
Project Design
Project Implementation
Project Acceptance

User Cases

Manufacture Industry

Finance Industry

Energy Industry

Education Industry

Real Estate Industry

Retail Industry

E-commerce Industry

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