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Success Stories

Haier Group

With Caicloud Compass, Caicloud provides a powerful PaaS platform for Haier's IoT platform COSMOPlat to support nearly 1,000 applications on COSMOPlat to promote Haier's digital transformation and better serve nearly 4 million enterprises and 400 million users.

China UnionPay

Caicloud Compass supports containerized construction of China UnionPay cloud platform to achieve fast operation, management operation and flexible deployment to effectively reduce the running cost of UnionPay business.

China Zheshang Bank

Caicloud Container Cloud Platform helps Zheshang Bank digital finance construction, effectively reduce resource input costs, improve the efficiency of development, delivery, operation and maintenance, and achieve business agility, flexibility and stability.

Jinjiang Group

Caicloud containerized loud platform implements automated container cluster cloud management for 95% apps in production of Jinjiang E-Commerce, which can help confront large business flow and requests and thus minimize the cost of human operation and maintenance.

State Grid

Based on Caicloud Compass and Caicloud Clever products, Caicloud provides container cloud and AI services for State Grid of Zhejiang Province, contributing to the construction of the smart grid platform of the State Grid Zhejiang.

Yum China

Based on AI platform and solutions, Caicloud helps Yum China build an advanced AI development platform to improve distribution efficiency of chain stores and reduce storage costs through supply chain and shipment forecasting models.

ShanghaiTech University

Caicloud help ShanghaiTech University to build a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster platform management system, providing one-stop convenient services for data management, algorithm models and models of AI projects.