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Caicloud Compass
Container Cloud Management Platform


Product Advantage

Efficient Management and Scheduling

Native support for mass hardware devices, network traffic and batch tasks; support deployment of multiple services in a stable and efficient manner to help users to improve resource utilization significantly.

Compatible and Open

Provide native, scalable and compatible Kubernetes API that enables enterprises to migrate toward cloud business seamlessly and deliver iterative innovation.

Elastic Use

Support single-tenant or multi-tenant management with service control plane and data view to meet the various scenarios of the enterprise.

Security Compliance

Fully compliant with Kubernetes CIS 1.3 security requirements.

Product Features

Cluster Management

Provide support for public cloud and hybrid cloud clusters, support HA cluster deployment of bare metal servers and VMs.

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Cluster Autoscaler

Support autoscaling groups on public or private cloud clusters.

caicloud caicloud

Configuration Center

Manage configuration versions; support fast reference to applications in different environment.

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Storage Management

Integration of various enterprise-level storage services.

Network Management

Support multiple container networks, network isolation, load balancing.


Support microservices native architecture and provide one-key deployment of cloud components through integration with Spring Cloud.

Application Orchestrations

Multi-service life cycle management, orchestration boot order visualization, multi-environment services deployment.

Service Management

Support custom metrics based autoscaling, and using Canary Release to achieve a smooth release process.

Image Repository

Seamlessly integrate with HA image repository for R&D, test, and production environments to support cross-repo synchronization.

Continuous Integration

Compiling, building, testing and releasing visualization. Standardized delivery process with dev & test support.

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Platform Extension

Integrate various third-party services for enterprise-level actual demands.


Operation Log

Centralized operation logs for easy locating and searching.

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Log Monitoring Alert

Monitor all kinds of indicators and operation logs of cluster, node and application, set alerting threshold and automatic alerts.

Authorization Management

Support fine-grained permission for various resources.

Application Scenario


Agile Launch of New Feature

Switch form the traditional operation and maintenance to achievement of automatic operation and maintenance. Supports application grayscale release and weighted traffic import, testing new features with real user data.


From Monolith to Microservices

The traditional monolith is reformed into containerized microservices for the purpose of elasticity, data monitoring, module orchestration and the ultimate increase in enterprise productivity.


Agile CI & CD

The project team adopt the agile development process, build CI pipeline that correlates the code base and triggers various events which include unit test, code scanning, compilation, image build, integrated testing, image publishing, authorization and deployment of apps in multi-environment.

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