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Dev-Testing Cloud


Based on the smart containerized cloud technology to ensure the consistency and stability of development, test and operation and maintenance environments; provide integration with multiple code repos; support version management, grayscale release and one-click rollback for business online; provide computing, storage and network resources that the development test environment relies on.

Advantages of Solution

Easy to Use

No need for cumbersome configuration - the dev-test platform provides a continuous specification of the pre-defined integration and release pipeline, which enables system admin's independent operation.

Authorized Isolation

The platform provides tenants and users fine-grained access control capabilities to support multi-department use and isolation from perspectives of user management, platform function and underlying resources.


High Availability

The design of distributed high-availability platform guarantees no single point of failure and no performance bottleneck, which supports self-healing of the build task.

Deployment Architecture


Application Scenario


Continuous Integration (CI)

• No need to write complex configuration files

• Multi-tenant, Multi-isolated work zone


Continuous Delivery (CD) from the testing team

• Automated Integrated Testing

• Automated image repo push


Continuous Deployment by DevOps

• One-click deployment

• Consistent Environment between coding and testing

User Cases

Haier Group

Increase the production rate by 60% and provide the enterprise IT with highly efficient code deployment cycle.

State Grid

Flexible test management in heterogeneous environments, convenient version launch and rollback, thus greatly reducing the risk during iteration.