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Based on Kubernetes open source container orchestration framework design, Caicloud Compass provides a container management platform for Energy industry IT services to meet the requirements of PaaS layer IT operation and maintenance management. Help enterprises to cope with the impact of the Internet wave, and provide platform-level support for enterprise digital transformation and micro-service containerization. Achieve pool management of enterprise IT resources, improve resource utilization and save operating costs.

Application Scenario

Internet Application Boosts Rapid Business Growth

Increasing internet applications fuels rapid business growth and container technology helps enterprise Internet operations run efficiently and iterate quickly.

Data Lake Accumulates Business Value

Based on container technology and data computing platform, Caicloud Clever platform integrates traditional business data islands and uses big data computing technology to creative business insights and value.

Caicloud Compass provides the following

Built for the cloud and AI, Caicloud Compass and Clever integrate the value of data and business.

Multi-cluster Architecture

The physical isolation of cluster resources is implemented, which is applicable to multi-cluster requirements in multi-site, multi-business center scenario in enterprises.

Tenant Management

Meet the fine-grained control requirements of different organizational structures of the enterprise with standardized resource and auth management solutions.

System Monitor

Intelligently monitor the efficient operation and maintenance of all systems.

GPU Management and Scheduling

Support multiple deep learning frameworks to serve big data services, generate insights and increase profitability.

User Cases

State Grid

Based on Caicloud Compass and Caicloud Clever products, Caicloud provides container cloud and AI services for State Grid of Zhejiang Province, contributing to the construction of the smart grid platform of the State Grid Zhejiang.