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Caicloud containerized cloud management platform is an enterprise-level PaaS platform based on container technology and Kubernetes container orchestration framework, which helps the finance industry to effectively cope with the challenges of digital transformation, increasing business complexity, operation and maintenance cost due to the rise of the Internet.

Application Scenario

Business Digital Transformation

Given the impact of competition in Finance industry with the trend to convert offline business to online, container technology helps to boost the digital transformation and business development.

Accurate Business Risk Control

Caicloud Clever which integrates big data computing and artificial intelligence platform, aims to achieve risk control business model, and to improve accuracy and business management.

Caicloud Compass provides the following

Built for the cloud and AI, Caicloud Compass and Clever integrate the value of data and business.

Multi-cluster and Multi-tenant Solution

The multi-cluster and multi-tenant solution can be seamlessly integrated with IaaS layer of Finance enterprises.

Supports Mainstream Operating Systems

Effectively supports mainstream operating systems used by Finance enterprises, and products can be deployed and run based on SUSE Linux.

Compatible Storage Solution

Support a variety of storage solutions such as commercial storage, public cloud storage, open source distributed storage.

Flexible Container Management

Support containerized cloud failure recovery solutions for multi-data center and fixed IP address container management solutions.

User Cases

China UnionPay

Support containerized construction of China UnionPay cloud platform to achieve fast operation, management operation and flexible deployment to effectively reduce the cost of UnionPay business.

China UMS

With the deep learning platform, Caicloud Compass and Caicloud Clever platforms help build China UMS’ risk management and precision marketing model construction to expand its diversified business areas, promoting the overall containerization of China UMS on the cloud.