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Caicloud Compass provides manufacturing enterprises with private PaaS platform solutions, which helps enterprises to manage IT resources conveniently, improve the efficiency of resource use and reduce IT construction cost.

Application Scenario

Industrial Internet PaaS

Build industrial industry PaaS services based on container technology and platform to empower small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

Big Data Computing

Derive various (process/asset/management) models through enterprise's raw data.

IOT Edge Calculation

Device data pre-service, data is processed and calculated by edge nodes, and standardized into the data platform.

Solution Architecture


Caicloud Compass provides the following

Built for the cloud and AI, Caicloud Compass and Clever integrate the value of data and business.

Elastic Expansion

The unified management of physical devices is realized by computing resource containerization, and the automatic scaling mechanism is implemented according to a preset policy.

Reduce TCO Costs

Intelligent container cloud platform enables pooled management of computing resources, maximizes the utilization of hardware resources and reduces IT costs.

Efficient Operation and Maintenance

Improve the automation of operation and maintenance, reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance, and effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

Helping Customers Transform

Provide Cloud Native for the manufacturing industry and realize industrial Internet transformation and upgrading.

User Cases

Haier Group

Provide a powerful PaaS platform for Haier's IoT platform COSMOPlat to support nearly 1,000 applications on COSMOPlat to better serve nearly 4 million enterprises and 400 million users.