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The microservices transformation and consulting solution can effectively help enterprises accelerate the application microservices process, thereby improving the scalability of the application and reducing the coupling degree of the application function. After the application of the microservices, the application development operation and maintenance cost can be effectively reduced, thus improving the agility and efficiency of business online.

Advantages of Solution

Microservices modularize the business functions, define the service boundaries of the module, and decompose the application into multiple manageable microservices, which brings the following advantages


A single service after decomposition is small and focused, reducing complexity, easy to develop, manage, and maintain.

Easy to Iterate

The platform provides tenants and users fine-grained access control capabilities to support multi-department use and isolation from perspectives of user management, platform function and underlying resources.

Easy to Maintain

Developers do not need to coordinate the impact of other service deployment to achieve continuous deployment.

Easy to Scale

Deploy an instance that meets the needs based on the size of each service to save resources.

Solution Features

Containers are effective carriers for microservices. As the number of microservices increases, the cost of operation and maintenance management becomes higher accordingly. This solution can effectively solve the service governance cost brought by microservices with following features.


Service Governance

Provide powerful application service governance and management capabilities based on the Caicloud Compass platform.


Continuous Integration

Based on CI/CD solutions and tools widely used in industries such as Cyclone, it has greatly improved iterative deployment capabilities.

Application Scenario


Function Reuse

• Service transformation system requires clear role partitioning, powerful and direct configuration, adaptable, non-intrusive and reusable business codes


Quick Iteration

• Facing a large number of Internet users with the need to respond to rapid changes in demand


Coping With Sudden Traffic

• Applications need to efficiently use hardware resources and enable resilient systems to confront with request peaks


Microservices Platform

• Unified access to applications with various types of multi-tech stack, enable application resource sharing, connect data islands to generate insights

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