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Intelligent Maintenance


Provide enterprises with enterprise-level PaaS operation and maintenance management services to create an intelligent containerized cloud platform. It helps enterprises improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of a series of tasks, from application deployment, troubleshooting, failure recovery, to elastic response to sudden changes in request traffic. Achieve more fine-grained platform resource monitoring to save enterprise IT operation and maintenance costs and improve resource utilization.

Advantages of Solution

caicloud caicloud

Cost Saving

Save labor costs through intelligent maintenance management, improve resource utilization and achieve resource cost savings through reasonable planning and management of physical resources.

Improve Efficiency

The goal of intelligent operation and maintenance is to provide fully automated fault recovery and second-level application deployment capabilities to increase efficiency.

Output Value

Integrate the maintenance experience into platform capability, use the middleware service for one-click retrieval.

Deployment Architecture


Application Scenario


Traffic Surge

• Elastic expansion increases flexibility and responds to various traffic dynamics scenarios


Version Iteration

• Simplify the service version upgrade process, support grayscale publishing, improve iteration efficiency and stability


Daily Changes

• Support system-level upgrade to ensure continuous service capabilities of the business


Service Configuration

• Given application configuration and application decoupling and service discovery, automated operation and maintenance efficiency can be achieved


Resource Management

• Manage CPU, GPU, memory, disk, network resources in the platform in a fine-grained way; support dynamic capacity expansion and capacity reduction to improve resource utilization


Failure Recovery

• Health check, alert message, automatic recovery and application self-healing to improve business stability

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User Cases

Jinjiang Group

Caicloud containerized cloud platform implements automated container cluster cloud management for 95% apps with the cluster level over 700 nodes in production of Jinjiang E-Commerce to minimize the cost of human operation and maintenance.